Residential Asphalt Shingle Roof Repairs in Washington

As a leading roofing company in Washington, Ideal Roofing specializes in asphalt shingle roof repairs. Asphalt Shingles are the most common roofing material used on homes today, thanks to their various benefits, including durability, affordability, and variety of styles.

However, after years of exposure to Northwest weather, your asphalt shingle roof may start to show signs of wear and damage. Our expert roofers can identify issues early and make all necessary repairs to extend the life of your roof.

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Signs Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Needs Repairs

There are a few key signs that your asphalt shingle roof may need repairs:

Over time, shingles can become brittle and crack under pressure or even start to curl at the corners. Cracked and curled shingles indicate aging and damage.

The protective mineral granules on asphalt shingles can start to come off over the years. Areas that have lost granules will appear worn or faded.

If you notice moisture buildup or water stains on your ceiling or attic, this likely means your roof has developed leaks from damage or deterioration.

Missing, torn, or otherwise damaged shingles should be replaced to maintain full coverage and weather protection— even minor bald spots spread over time.

The sooner you repair any issues with curling, cracking, leaks, or bald spots, the longer you can put off a full roof replacement. Our roofing contractors can fix small areas of damage as well as determine if you qualify for insurance claims on more extensive issues.

Owens Corning Shingles

We are a trusted Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. Owens Corning is an industry leader known for making high-quality roofing materials that pass the toughest certifications for wind, fire danger, and impact resistance. Popular styles like Oakridge and Duration shingles emulate the look of wood shakes, slate, cedar, and other premium materials. We can match your existing shingle type and color or help you choose a better style for aesthetics and performance when we replace your entire roof. All Owens Corning shingles come with a strong warranty when installed properly by qualified roofers like our team.

Our Shingle Repair Process

When you contact our roofing company for asphalt shingle repairs, we take care of everything from inspection to permitting, prep work, and debris clean-up.

  1. Roof Inspection – One of our project managers will come to inspect your roof and document any issues that need addressing. We’ll create a report with photos outlining necessary repairs.
  2. Roofing Permits – If the repairs are extensive, we may pull local permits for the job and document everything to comply with insurance requirements.
  3. Protecting Your Property – When work begins, we’ll cover any landscaping, yard furnishings, or other property before removing any debris. Tarps are used to protect the grounds from fallen nails and material scraps.
  4. Roof Repairs – Damaged shingles are removed and replaced with matching Owens Corning shingles sealed properly into place. Underlayment and flashings may also need replacement in affected areas.
  5. Clean Up – We use magnetized nails and tarps when working on roofs to minimize leftover debris. Thorough clean-up and magnet checks ensure nails or staples don’t get left behind to potentially puncture tires, etc.
  6. Final Roof Inspection – The job site is cleared of equipment, cleaned thoroughly, and examined at the end of the job before we depart.
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New Technologies

New technologies

Using advanced tech, our roofing contractors deliver innovative new construction solutions and unmatched quality, leading the roofing industry.

Power and Energy

Power & Energy

We proudly offer new construction roofing options to utilize clean energy for a sustainable and efficient future.



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Green Energy

Green Energy

We embrace green energy, using renewable sources to create your new roof with a viable future in mind.

Taking Care of Nature

Take Care of Nature

We focus on helping the earth by using sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials to construct your new roof, reducing our impact and protecting nature.

The Best Shingle Roofing in Washington

If your home has an aging asphalt shingle roof that needs repairs or replacement, contact Ideal Roofing today.

We’ve been providing reliable, top-quality roof installations and repairs for over 20 years in the Washington area. Our skilled roofing contractors can honestly assess your roof’s condition and recommend solutions that meet your timeline and budget, whether insurance claims can help cover costs or not.

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We are dedicated to delivering excellence in every project we undertake, no matter the size or complexity, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of exceeding expectations and building lasting relationships with our valued clients.


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